Trattoria Athena is a casual, seasonally-inspired trattoria using the best local ingredients possible to create a traditional, regional Greek & Italian menu.

Trattoria Athena opened its doors in July 2010, and Chef/Owner Tim O’Brien invites Brunswick & beyond to experience the nostalgia of being in his nonna's kitchen or to reminisce about the wines of Santorini. For Tim, his numerous travels to the Mediterranean to visit family and friends are not only enjoyable, they also offer opportunities to learn new dishes and techniques to bring back to your table in as authentic a manner as possible.

The sourcing of local ingredients is a natural fit for cuisines that rely so heavily upon high-quality products, which is why Tim has built strong personal relationships with farmers of the mid-coast region to grow and raise products specifically for him. Tim takes trips to farms and farmers' markets each week, and of course, each trip to the market yields a new product which finds itself on Trattoria Athena's 150+ year old school house chalkboard with that evening's specials.

Tim & the staff of Trattoria Athena invite you to dine with us and become part of our family. Nothing makes us happier than seeing a familiar face at one of the dining room tables to come out and say hello to...a presto!

Chefs Marc and Tim preparing a meal A sample daily menu on the chalk board Trattoria Athena dining room